Addiction Assist

This formula is intended to curb the craving and desire to use. It can be taken both prophylactically or in emergency situations.


Lobelia (Inflata)Studies suggest that lobeline may also be useful to prevent and treat amphetamine abuse (Dwoskin & Crooks, 2002; Harrod, et al, 2001)

Chaste Tree (Vitex agnus-castus) Vitex has been known to bind to opiate receptors, creating an antagonistic affect, resulting in a blunted high and lack of desire to use.

Mulungu (Erythrina mulungu) Mulungu proved to be similar and as effective as the prescription Benzodiazepine Valium. Mulungu has over 80 constituents that are beneficial and healing, consisting of various alkaloids and powerful antioxidants.

Gou Teng (Gambir Vine) I have neuroprotective, hypotensive, vasodilative and anxiolytic properties. Useful for nervous tics, numbness, spasms, seizures and scattered attention. Gambir also works well for insomnia due to restless leg syndrome, muscle spasm or pain. Liver fire rising symptoms can be ameliorated with this herb, many with SUDs may experience excess tension and stagnation, causing the livers energy to ascend upward, which is where this herb can be of value.

Kudzu (Ge Gen) Kudzu increases 5-hydroxyindole acetaldehyde (5-HIAL) and 3,4 dihydroxyphenyl acetaldehyde (DOPAL). Increases in 5-HIAL have been shown to be correlated with decreased alcohol consumption. Kudzu clears wind heat and is an effective antispasmodic. This is classified under herbs that “liberate the exterior” In TCM terminology the "exterior" refers to the first level of impact a disease has on the body. 

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