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This formula is for the individual who needs more energy, both physically and sexually! This formula will also nourish the heart and provide adaptogenic qualities. This formula is safe to be taken long term, it is recommended to take no less than 1 month to reach a therapeutic level.

Dang Shen (Codonopsis)This saponin rich starchy herb is similar to Ginseng, yet milder in its action so it is safe for long term use. It increases vital energy, strengthens digestion, combats anemia and brain fog. This herb helps with shortness of breath as well as chronic coughs and dry mouth. 
Wu Wei Zi (Shisandra) An excellent calming adaptogen. This herbal allows us to breath more deeply and fully, also known as kidneys grasping the lung Qi. Shisandra provides an energetic quality that leaves one focused, alert and relaxed. Excellent for meditation, this berry is known to be consumed by Buddhist' to aid in both the breathing and focus needed to pursue their work. 
Hawthorn (Crataegus Oxyacantha) Hawthorn nourishes the heart, calms our nervousness, gently lowers blood pressure and is a valuable circulatory tonic.

Cotton Root Bark (Gossypium herbaceum) This warm dry sweet and acrid herb is oxytocic, enhancing labido and sexual satisfaction in both sexes. Important herb for when "the head and the heart are willing but the flesh ain't" - Helps to get the spark going again!

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) I am beneficial for depression with a loss of labido, as well as sexual inhibition due to anxiety. I disperse stagnant depression (a situational depression turned chronic). I also have a history of improving asthma, boosting thyroid and useful for digestive complaints.







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