What does a consult consist of?

New clients must fill out an INTAKE FORM and email it to herbalmedicinals@outlook.com. This is not mandatory to do before our session, but will save us time. I do not deny anyone because of price, I always work on a sliding scale. If you cannot afford treatment cost, email or call +1 (908) 801-1513.

For any reason you are unable to fill the form prior to the intake, we can review it and fill it out together during our session. A one hour intake consists of a review of current and past medical history, 3-day diet diary (not a part of the intake form) and a general review of symptoms and current complaints. Upon completion of our session, you will be emailed a protocol I have written for you as well as (if you wish to purchase) a custom compounded herbal tincture for your specific case. It is then advised to schedule a follow up for every 3 weeks to update and make necessary changes to the protocol, as well to go over systems and new symptoms.

How long does it take to work?

Herbal medicine works best when taken consistently over-time. Of course, we are all different, and there are herbs that work much more rapidly for some than others. I tend to treat patients by first quelling the immediate response, then by nourishing and restoring wholeness to the system. By this way, herbs are used as herbal band-aids to deliver a feeling of relief, then there are more restorative approaches I also add that will take a longer time to work. *Nothing heals in the human body in less than three months. Add one month for every year that you have been sick.*

What kind of herbs do you use? How many?

I generally use anywhere from 5-7 herbs in each formula, up to 10 herbs if needed. I work primarily with Chinese, Ayurvedia, Middle Eastern and Native American herbs.