What is herbal medicine?

December 04, 2019 2 min read

Herbal medicine has been founded on the experience that the organism is a functional unit, under the directing influence of a self-regulating, self-correcting life force, a microcosm of the macrocosm we inhabit. Herbal Medicine practitioners make decisions based on the energy pattern of the human organism, using energy of plants to balance the human energy back to homeostasis and fluidity. With this being said, it is extremely important to understand that within herbal therapeutics, we do not treat specific diseases, we treat the person that has the disease. Methods used such as pulse diagnosis, tongue evaluation, appearance, skin, smell and voice are studied. These ways of understanding how diseases appear and manifest may seem primitive, alas - Returning to and listening to the body is what we have often neglected in the first place, and is often times a big part in why we have manifested our current ailment. The tongue attaches to our heart and is accepted in Traditional Chinese Medicine to geographically depict the current state of all five major organs in our body (heart, lungs, liver, kidney, spleen/stomach). This is one of many useful tools an herbal practitioner may use to confirm a patient’s evaluation upon the end of a session. Herbs like to be paired with each other and work much more effectively when formulated instead of being taken as a simple, or just one herb by itself. We formulate herbal recipes, by tincture, glycerite (non-alcohol) or tea to be taken internally for 3 weeks minimum and change the formula according to a patient’s progress. We curate formulas that work synergistically for a specific person - increasing the likelihood of reaching wellbeing and bringing the person into homeostasis.

            We are all unique, our story, our perception – We are individuals. Taking control of our health not only means to be diligent in where we seek recovery, but it also means to maintain our freedom to having options. A system is in place where individuals lack choice in what is best for the individual. Alternative medicine and its benefits are currently not a part of Western mainstream medicine; Therefore, it is inevitable we lack the information and freedom to alternative choice. We are complex organisms, and our ailments are almost always multi-layered. Herbs are complex in their phytochemistry, as are humans in our biology. It is when we align with the natural bio-rhythms of the seasons, align our thoughts with how we would like to feel and utilize the blessings found occurring naturally in nature, do we see ourselves open to a whole new experience of the human condition.